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Having a wellness solution that monitors patients that can “Stay @ Home” and feel secure that their doctors and family members will be notified instantly when an issue arises is a very good thing.  We provide a selection of devices to be placed in your home that monitor your health and wellness.  This eliminates calling, texting or having to try to get last minute appointments if an issue arises.

If you we’re to have an “Event” an alert is sent and you can be immediately connected to AmenaNurse who can determine what needs are to be addressed.  Simultaneously, an alert Is sent to your physician so they are aware one of their patients’ needs attention.

What We Do

 AmenaNurse provides people with ongoing medical needs a single source solution for emergency response care, chronic care, and healthcare monitoring services.

 We have a Nurse on 24/7/365 to alert the patient’s medical team or emergency services Immediately.  We provide safe, secure and efficient solutions that positively affect the health and lives of people every day.

This State-of-the-Art Solution is Simple

  1.  Sign-Up & Get Set-Up.

2. Receive your Hub & Device

3. Just plug them In. We provide PATIENT FIRST, healthcare monitoring in your home and peace of mind to you, your family, and your doctor because at AmenaNurse @ Home 24/7 we have you covered.  We have created a cloud-based platform that eliminates the barriers to Remote Patient Care.

Serving the Needs of the Patient First:

  • Being able to “Stay@Home”
  • Someone to Pay Attention
  • Care when it’s needed.
  • A nurse or doctor to talk to.  Right Now!
  • To get the help they need quickly.
  • Not go to the hospital.
  • Not to sit in waiting rooms.
  • Not be exposed to other diseases.

What Happens

  • A medical issue arises an alert Is sent.
  • An AmenaNurse receives the notification.
  • The profile of the patient is displayed.
  • AmenaNurse: What do you need?
  • Immediately DOES what’s necessary to facilitate the patient’s needs.

A Recent “Real Situation”

A “Real Situation” that Occurred Recently

A woman who Is has a major medical hospital plan had an emergency with her eye and called her doctor.  She was told to schedule and on-line consultation. Her options were: go to the emergency room, go to a critical care center, or find an actual doctor to see her right away.  Meanwhile her husband was feverishly looking for a doctor that could see her Immediately. Her primary care provider could not see her.  Her husband secured and appointment and in twenty minutes she was being seen.  Subsequently her eyesight was saved.

With AmenaNurse,
This Would Have Happened

  1. Been connected with a Nurse who has their personal profile in front of them
  2. Patient needs would be analyzed, and addressed immediately
  3. Patient Doctor alerted
  4. Doctor response sent to AmenaNurse
  5. Family or emergency contact alerted
  6. A “Rush-In” available doctor would be notified of the alert
  7. Emergency services would be alerted if needed
  8. Patient profile and history updated and secured

Local Emergency Services

  • All local recourses are available at a click;
  •  Doctors & Nurses
  • Event History
  • Family and Emergency Contacts
  • 911, Police, Fire, Suicide Prevention
  • Medications, Pharmacy, and more.

It’s as Easy as 123!

Step ONE: Get Enrolled and Set-Up with just a few Clicks

Step TWO: Receive your communication hub and devices at home and simply plug into power outlet.  No pairing of devices, no app, no setting up with WIFI required.

  • Scale
  • Thermometer
  • Blood Pressure
  • Oximeter
  • Glucose Meter
  • Spirometer

Step THREE: Communicate with AmenaNurse & Doctor

Once the hub is connected @ home it can be used for:

  • Video
  • Voice
  • Texting
  • Data
  • Device Monitoring

Remote Care to Almost Any Patient Population

Physicians can set parameters for each patient for readings from various devices or for patient responses to voice and text surveys.  When a patient falls outside of the parameters, the system creates an alert or alarm.  Alert status patients are highlighted and moved to the top of most reports.  With the AmenaNurse Platform everything is configurable per patient and device.

It’s Win-Win-Win for Every Body!

  • Patients Win, Doctors Win, Family Wins
  • Stronger connection to physicians
  • Great peace of mind for patients and family members
  • Reduces costs, eliminates unnecessary stresses
  • Direct and timely patient physician engagement
  • Healthier patient base based on faster response times
  • We Care about Every Body and Mind.

Optimized Billing Services

  • Patient Billing
  • Claim Submission
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Eliminate Claim Denials
  • Reporting
  • Reimbursement

Supported Devices

All AmenaNurse devices feature encrypted communications from the SmartHub to the cloud.
Our Solution is fully integrated into the cloud-based portal for easy administration.


Uses a variety of techniques to measure total body mass, percentage of body fat or muscle, and hydration level. The provider will decide which scale is needed based on what is being monitored. Changes in weight are indicators of many diseases and conditions.

Pulse Ox

Pulse Ox

Uses light to measure the percentage of oxygen saturation levels in hemoglobin molecules. This measurement is referred to as Sp02. This measurement helps determine how well the lungs are working.

Blood Pressure Cuff

Uses cuff pressure and senses arterial pulsations to measure the force being exerted by the blood against the arteries. Systolic blood pressure (the top number) refers to the pressure inside the arteries when the heart is pumping; diastolic pressure (the bottom) is the pressure inside the arteries when the heart is resting between beats. These measurements help determine the risk for heart disease, stroke, and other conditions.

Digital Thermomter>

Measures the infrared energy radiating from the forehead. That energy is collected through the lens and converted into a temperature value. It does not send out any heat. It is only a receiver of heat. A rise in body temperature is often the first indicator of infection. It can be used to monitor how well treatments or medications are working.

Pulse Ox

Glucose Meter

Determines the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. By measuring glucose, a provider can make lifestyle recommendations and prescribe medication to keep the glucose level closer-to-normal for as much of the time as possible. This helps to reduce the occurrence rate and severity of long-term complications from hyperglycemia. It can also help to reduce short-term complications of hypoglycemia.


Measures the amount (volume) and speed (flow) of air that can be inhaled and exhaled. It measures the amount of air blown out within one second (FEV1) and the maximum speed of expiration in one breath (PEV). These measurements help monitor various lung conditions such as COPD. They also measure how well the lungs are responding to any treatment or medications.

SO…Who pays for this?

 For Medicare patients, the cost in most cases is your copay and most often nothing.

If you do not have Medicare and want the peace of mind that wellness monitoring can provide you or a family member, we will make it work for you.

Medicare Pays for These Services in the State of California 

CODE: 99454
Provision of equipment network connectivity, data management : $73.38

CODE: 99453
Showing patient how to use devices: $21.93


CODE: 99547
Physiological management of patient by staff: $52.31

CODE: 99458
Extra 20-Minute consultations with patient: $49.74

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